Dear participants,
we are happy to announce that during our conference you can join to our free excursion tours. Especially for conference guests, we offer a choice of four excursion routes.

Dmitri Mendeleev Museum and Archives

During this excursion tour the participant of our conference will see the former University-owned apartment in the University’s Twelve Collegia building where Professor Mendeleev and his family lived from 1866 to 1890. Dmitri Mendeleev Museum offers a unique opportunity to see the place where the great scientist worked and a collection of his personal belongings. Of particular value is the library of Mendeleev, which had been formed throughout his academic career. It represents the diversity of his scientific, social, and political and aesthetic interests.

Sightseeing tour of Saint Petersburg

This guided tour is perfect for those in the city for the first time. It gives you an opportunity to get acquainted with the city and its main attractions in just a few hours. The bus travels along a route within the most significant sights of the city.

Saint Petersburg State University Research Park tour packages

The outstanding intellectual and academic setting at the oldest Russian university lays the foundation for the 24 resource centers that are an integral part of the SPbU Research Park. Each of these centers specializes in a research field linked to one of the four priority areas shaping the University’s research direction. Equipped with state-of-the-art tools, these centers drive innovation in research and educational programs, harnessing the unique intellectual and creative capacities of the University. Their pioneering work propels SPbU's scientific and technological progress while nurturing its socio-economic advancement. By aligning with the objectives of the SPbU Strategic Plan 2020, these resource centers are instrumental in positioning SPbU as one of the world's premier classical universities and in providing academic and scientific backing for Russia's innovative development agenda.

Chemistry tour package

During this excursion tour you will have an opportunity to explore the operations and state-of-the-art equipment of the following resource centers:

The Research Centres included in this package provide access to its equipment and offers the practical experience of its engineers, thus enabling one to carry out research projects based on NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance), NQR (nuclear quadrupole resonance), and EPR (electron paramagnetic resonance) spectroscopy, as well as X-ray diffraction studies, molecular spectroscopy, chromatography and high-resolution mass-spectrometry, including LC-MS, the widest spectrum of methods for thermal analysis and calorimetry and a specific equipment suitable for the synthesis of thin films, dispersed, ceramic, polymeric and other composite materials and for research of their physical and chemical properties.

Nanotechnologies and functional materials tour package

This excursion tour will introduce you the work of the next research centres:

The Interdisciplinary Resource Centre for Nanotechnology possesses unique scientific equipment for research using analytical electron and ion microscopy, electron and ion nanolithography and precise sample preparation for microscopy investigations. The SPbU analytical Centre for Diagnostics of Functional Materials for Medicine, Pharmacology and Nanoelectronics is mainly focused on diagnostics and studies of new functional materials for medicine and medical technology, pharmacology, acoustoelectronics and microelectronics. The Centre for Physical Methods of Surface Investigation is focused on scientific ultrahigh vacuum investigations devoted to research of surface nanostructures and composite materials, analysis of local atomic structure, morphology, electron energy and spin structure. The main experimental methods used in the centre are Auger electron spectroscopy, X-ray and UV photoelectron spectroscopy as well as ultrahigh vacuum scanning tunneling and atomic force microscopy. The research cut across the fields of chemistry, physics, biology and materials science.

For any questions including the registration to the excursions, exact itinerary and schedules, please contact Dr. Maria S. Ledovskaya: m.s.ledovskaya@spbu.ru

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