Sino-Russian Joint Research Center for Chemistry

September 4, 2024

Lecture hall № 2222


Bilateral forum “Sino-Russian Joint Research Center for Chemistry” is a satellite event of Mendeleev 2024 conference.



Program & organizing committee:

  • Prof Alina Manshina, Institute of chemistry, St. Petersburg university,
  • Prof. Xiaojun Han, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Harbin Institute of Technology,
  • Prof. Regina Islamova, Institute of chemistry, St. Petersburg university,
  • Dr. Igor Prikhodko, Institute of chemistry, St. Petersburg university.

MISSION of this event is establishing scientific contacts between researchers of Institute of chemistry, SPbU and Harbin institute of technology.

Speakers – advanced professors of SPbU and Harbin institute of technology.

All interested persons are welcome!

Invited speakers from Harbin institute of technology:

Prof. Xu Ping 

Magnetic Field-Assisted Electrocatalysis




Prof. Lei Wang 

Construction of artificial-cell-based Micromotors and the investigation of their life-like behaviors



Prof. Sun Jianmin 

Design of Lewis Acid-Base Bifunctional Catalyst for Chemical Conversion of CO2  to Cyclic Carbonate



Prof. Han Fei

Generalizable 3D nanofabrication via kinetically controlled self-assembly





Prof. Xu Haiping 

Highly Selective Atomically Dispersed Cu、Sn Electrocatalyst for CO2 Reduction to C2+ Products




 Assistant Prof. Zhang Xiangxiang 

High-throughput production of functional prototissues capable of producing NO for vasodilation




Prof. Li Zhonghua 

Photosynthesis & Artificial Intelligence


Associate Prof. Wang Qun

Ultra-sensitive and stable N-doped carbon dots for selective detection metal ions



Speakers from Institute of chemistry, SPbU:


Prof. Manshina Alina 

Photoswitchable & bioactive compounds and their luminescent nanohybrids for photopharmacology



 Prof. Islamova Regina

Self-Healing Silicones: Looking Back and Moving Forward



Dr. Timoshkin Alexey

Lewis superacids: design principles and possible applications


Dr. Korzhikov-Vlakh Viktor

“Hard” and “soft” polymeric particles as drug delivery systems


Dr. Osmolovskaya Olga

Wide-band gap semiconductor nanoparticles for water remediation: design of material structural parameters


Dr. Voznesenskiy Mikhail

Computational experiments in material science: simple models as a way to get insight into complex phenomena

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