Requirements for abstracts

Abstracts must be prepared in English as a Microsoft Word file (.doc, .docx or .rtf) using a TEMPLATE.

The volume of abstracts should not exceed one A4 page.


  • Arial font; font size is 10; line spacing is 1.0; all margins are 2.5 cm; text is justified; words are without hyphentation; paragraph indent is 1.0 cm.
  • The abstract should include the following information (in the following order): headline; full names of the authors; name of the university/institute, faculty/department, city and country; speaker status (student, graduate student or employee position), academic degree; e-mail address; main text; bibliography; acknowledgments.
  • Abstracts may include drawings, formulas or diagrams, which must be of good quality. Reaction schemes must be formatted in a chemical editor in ACS style.
  • The abstracts file must be named in English: the participant’s last name, underscore, first letters of the first and middle names (in the presence of). For example: Doe_J.

Abstracts submitted in violation of the requirements will not be considered by the organizing committee.

At the request of the authors, articles based on the best reports may be published in Russian Journal of General Chemistry or Russian Journal of Organic Chemistry.

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